Spring Cleaning for your Liver

An article by Andre Borak

Just like our houses, we need to spring clean our body, mind and soul from the winter season. After a long restful winter, the energy of wood bursts forward to begin the 5 element cycle making us want to start focusing on goals and purging our lives of stagnant energy. Spring is said to be represented by the following elemental characteristics:

  • Element of wood
  • Liver
  • Cleansing
  • Clarity of vision/Goals
  • Direction
  • Purpose
  • Harmony

Now is the time to make new plans, set goals, and plant seeds. In the winter we tend to find ourselves craving hearty meals, and we tend to overindulge in feasts for the festive seasons. With the festive seasons comes drinking alcohol as well, and we all know our liver faces the consequences. Spring is the perfect time to try and clean out the residual energy still in the liver. Try to choose fresh green foods, (just like Joelle’s Recipe above) to help cleanse the liver and support a clear flow of its rising energy. Another way to detox the liver is by drinking lots of lemon water, so try to put citrus in your water and try letting go of stimulants such as coffees, alcohol & tobacco.

Spring is known to give you an extra boost of energy so now is the perfect time to try and create a new active routine. Shake off the cobwebs from winter and stimulate you’re serotonin and dopamine in the brain. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is in control of the muscles, tendons and nerves, so by promoting proper heath function of the liver, you can keep your body, mind and spirit harmonious and pain free. Because the liver governs the tendons, try stretching every day, this will open pathways to your liver and gall bladder.

Spring is the perfect time to make an acupuncture or acupressure appointment in order to move energy (Qi) of the liver to help stagnant energy.

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