We are Kelowna’s comprehensive health centre offering a unique clinical wellness model inspired by an Olympic village experience.


At Active Care Health, we share your passion for living an active lifestyle and our team is dedicated to helping you move towards optimal health and sustainable wellness.


Our health practitioners collaborate in harmony to offer you expert insight and advice on your health journey in order to develop personalized recovery, treatment, and fitness strategies aligned with your body and lifestyle goals.

Dr. Michael Muzzin, DC, RCCSS(C)

Founder and Partner

Through his experience and passion for helping people achieve active and healthy lifestyles, Dr. Muzzin has identified Five Key Aspects for Optimal Health: Exercise, Nutrition, Rest, Mental Health, and Spinal Health. The human body (infant to senior) has an amazing ability to heal itself when just given the chance. Each of the five aspects of optimal health is like a vital link that forms a strong chain; and of course a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Dr. Muzzin emphasizes each of these aspects, and as a Chiropractor he focuses in an area known as NeuroStructural Correction.

Dr. Muzzin first started practice in Whitby Ontario just outside of Toronto in 1988. While there he completed an additional three-year post Doctorate in Sports Injuries and earned the Specialty Fellowship of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Science (Canada), RCCSS(C). In 1994 he moved back to B.C. and settled in Kelowna where he founded Active Care Health.

Dr. Michael Muzzin has an established brand identity with a well-respected reputation in the community for over 20 years. He is the past president of the Canadian Cancer Society (Kelowna), the Kelowna Chiropractic Association, the official Chiropractor for the Canadian Junior Hockey Championship’s Memorial Cup, the World Junior Hockey Championships, and one of the first Chiropractor’s in history to be an Official Medical Staff Member of the Olympic Games (Vancouver 2010).

Dr. Muzzin has also worked with Kelowna Falcons Semi-Pro Baseball Team, Okanagan Sun Junior Football Team, Ogopogo Triathlon Club, and is currently the Team Chiropractor for both the Kelowna Chiefs Junior B Hockey Club & the Kelowna Rockets WHL Junior Hockey Club.

When he’s not at the office, Dr. Muzzin can be found skiing with his daughter Jenna on either the lakes or slopes (depending on the season) in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

Dr. Ryan Blouin, DC

NeuroStructural Chiropractor and Partner

Dr. Blouin’s passion for the profession began at a young age when he experienced first hand the effects chiropractic care can have on the entire body. He completed his honors degree in Science and Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo and spent four years in the fitness industry helping people lead more active lives.

He was privileged to complete his Doctor of Chiropractic training in beautiful New Zealand where he spent time honing his craft and focuses in NeuroStructural Correction techniques to improve human function of the brain and the body.

In 2013, Dr. Blouin worked with the National New Zealand Hockey Program and travelled with their Men’s and U18’s hockey teams to the IIHF World Hockey Championships as the team’s official chiropractor. Following season’s end he moved to the Gold Coast in Australia and spent a year practicing and treating families and athletes of all ages as well as learning to live the beach life!

Dr. Blouin has always had a strong interest in health, exercise, sport, travel and working with people. He has been privelidged to have had the chance to travel the world doing what he loves to do.

Settling in Kelowna in late 2014 and now calling it home, Dr. Blouin looks forward to doing what he loves most: teaching and practicing a healthy lifestyle and sharing his passion for chiropractic and healthy living with the amazing people of the Okanagan!


Dr. Walter Neeser


Originally from Alberta, Dr. Neeser started practice in Toronto, Ontario in 1996. He began as a diversified Chiropractor utilizing a variety of manual (adjusting by hand) techniques. Shortly after graduating, he became certified and registered in Homeopathy and a year later, in Acupuncture. These contemporary approaches in the energetic aspects of healing led him to pursue a softer adjustment style based on digital impulse frequencies that deliver a specific force to spinal areas and soft tissues. Postural, emotional and dietary stresses can lead to inefficient neurological patterns that become accepted as normal in the body. These patterns become obvious in patients who have had a motor vehicle accident, or who have suffered a concussion. Over the past decade, Dr. Neeser has been developing a variety of interventions that help patients with mild to moderate concussions and postural imbalances using low force impulse techniques. 

These low force impulse techniques can create new patterns of feedback that help the brain and nervous system restore a more efficient balance in the distorted patterns in our tissues. As our nervous system develops better habits, internal inflammatory processes start to recover their equilibrium and healthy new patterns develop. 

Recovery usually follows a stepwise progression. Injured or inflamed tissue disrupts normal feedback information. The brain receives disrupted feedback and produces inefficient neural responses. These can persist long after tissues have apparently healed. Dysfunctional responses can be corrected by introducing balanced neural feedback with impulse frequencies. Improved feedback to the brain prompts higher quality control patterns and relives neurological stress.  

Dr. Neeser is married and has been living happily in Kelowna since 2016. He can frequently be found playing pickleball or walking some of the beautiful pathways with his wife Jacqie. 


Janelle Balardo, RMT

Massage Therapist

Janelle is a graduate from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy. Her empathy, and understanding of clients’ aches and pains makes patient well-being her priority.

Janelle first developed an interest in therapeutic practice via her own experience with injury. Through her personal experience with rehabilitation she developed a passion for how the body functions and heals. Her wide range of techniques include myofascial release, trigger point release, joint mobilizations and Swedish massage. She can relate to her patients through her own experience, and her professional and easy going attitude sets her patients’ minds at ease.

Her love for physical fitness allowed her to complete her personal training certification as well as her Neuro-proprioceptive taping course. Janelle understands the importance of proper musculoskeletal function and maintaining health of the joints and surrounding tissues.

Janelle looks forward to expanding her skill base and knowledge through her passion for healing. Whether the pain is caused from an overuse injury, soft tissue damage from motor vehicle accidents , athletic/sports injury, or just overall chronic pain, her focus will always be client care first.


Jenny Large, RMT

Massage Therapist

Jenny was born and raised in Kelowna – which is hard to find these days! She loves the Kelowna lifestyle and has a very strong community presence. When she’s not massaging at Active Care you can find her teaching dance at The Canadian School of Ballet, teaching barre and fitness classes at Oranj Fitness, teaching and performing with the Femme Fatale dance group, playing a game of softball or riding her bike downtown.

Jenny has a very kind, loving nature to her and it shows during her massages. She is currently taking clients and would love to meet you and help get you feeling better, faster!


Kris Bentz, N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor











Jas Digpal                                                                     

Clinic Coordinator/ Registered Kinesiologist/ Certified Laser Therapist              

Jas grew up in Kelowna and graduated from the University of British Columbia Okanagan with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics/ Kinesiology degree. Her studies focused on Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Health Promotion. Jas is passionate about using her knowledge to improve lives through communication, engagement, and physical activity.  

  She joined Active Care Health in January 2019. Jas feels that it is an absolute pleasure being part of such an awesome team that takes pride in giving their patients the best experiences possible! Her role is to provide our patients with a good understanding of the clinic and treatments provided, performing BIOFLEX Cold Laser Therapy treatments, and greeting clients with a warm welcome! 

When Jas is not at the clinic, you can find her enjoying the many activities the Okanagan has to offer. You can find her playing soccer, running through Mission Creek or walking her two dogs! Passionate about health and fitness, you will also find her at the gym year-round! 


Jessie Grant

Clinic Coordinator



Madison Wood

Registered Dietitian

Madison Wood is a Registered Dietitian dedicated to providing compassionate, individualized nutrition care over the past 7 years.

She holds a BSc with Honours Specialization in Foods and Nutrition from Western University in London, Ontario and completed her comprehensive post-graduate dietetic internship at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. 

When Madison’s not helping clients achieve their nutrition goals, you can find her outside enjoying the beautiful Okanagan either hiking, mountain biking, or improving her sailing skills.


Joyce Yakubowich

Clinic Administrative Assistant

Joyce has recently joined our team as an Assistant Clinic Co-ordinator. Born in Toronto, Ontario Joyce has also enjoyed her youth in Newfoundland and British Columbia. She attended the University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University studying Biology, Kinesiology and Elementary Education. Besides her background in office administration she is a former member of the Canadian Track & Field Team, competing internationally for Canada for eight years and is a two-time Olympian.

She enjoys life and all its blessings and challenges. She loves outings with her family and keeping up with her grandchildren is one of the current joys of her life. Joyce believes that each day is a new beginning to be cherished!