Injury Rehab and Exercise Therapy

Recovering from an injury is challenging. Whether you are an athlete, live an active lifestyle or are in recovery from an accident – managing pain and low energy while having your mobility restricted or training interrupted can be frustrating.

At Active Care Health, we know that dealing with chronic pain and acute injuries are a part of many active individuals lives.  A personalized exercise therapy program with our Kinesiologist will help you recover faster and more efficiently. We will guide you through the process to allow your body to fully heal and then strengthen the area to avoid  and protect you against future injury. We will also teach you new ways to move during training and your daily activities to prevent re-injury.

Jas Digpal, Kinesiologist

We commence by comprehensively assessing your current ability to move and function properly which allows us to understand your body’s issues and/or injuries. 

As we develop a one-on-one relationship with you, we seek to understand your unique strengths, fitness level and goals. Upon which we can create active strategies to implement a recovery and fitness plan that may integrate multiple health disciplines.

At Active Care Health, our practitioners work together in harmony, which provides a unique opportunity to gain expert insight and advice on your care to develop the best recovery, treatment and fitness strategies for your body and lifestyle.

We apply the latest training methods, sport-specific expertise and nutritional science to build a personalized exercise therapy program that works for your body. We encourage you to push your boundaries and leap past pre-conceived mental limitations. We coach you how to achieve and sustain long term results which ultimately leads to a better and happier you!


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What does a typical exercise therapy program look like?
A program can range from a 15-minute local body part active exercise routine to a personalized 60-minute full body workout.

Is the cost of exercise therapy covered by insurance or health plans? 
Some extended health benefit plans cover the costs of a qualified Kinesiologist and we do offer direct billing if available through your provider. It is best to contact your insurance provider to confirm if exercise therapy with a qualified Kinesiologist is covered.  We also accept ICBC MVA injury cases.

How many sessions do I need to create results? 
Every program is personalized for your body and goals. Some plans will be based on a 90-day implementation and others are based on an ongoing monthly active management plan to stay on track. Start with an assessment and we’ll work with you one-on-one to create a plan that suits your lifestyle and needs.