June Newsletter

An article by Dr. Rena Saini, B.SC, ND

Half way check!

At the beginning of the year I wrote an article on new beginnings and keeping goals. Here we are at the half way point, how are you doing?

If you are like most, you have fallen in the trap of being “too busy”, or shall I say too distracted. Life will always provide situations that prevent us from achieving our goals. Take a look outside for example: spring time in the Okanagan! Sunny skies, green leaves, flowers, lakes, long boarding, family and friends, patios… all perfect excuses not to follow through on our desires.

However, if you are the 8% of the population who successfully achieves their goals set in January, this is not a problem for you. In fact these 8% are on track, and happily working towards their dreams. What makes these people succeed?

In January we spoke about consistency, habits and willpower. Today lets discover some more tools you can use.

“In 1953, a graduating class at Yale University was polled and it was found that 3% of the graduates had set clearly defined written goals. Twenty years later, in 1973, when researchers went back and visited the class of ’53, they found that the 3% of the graduates with written goals had amassed a net worth that was greater than the other 97% combined. This is a powerful indication that goal setting is critical for success.”


Why does writing down goals work?

  • It makes it real: A goal that is not in writing is a wish or fantasy.
  • You create clarity and focus: writing things down narrows down the thousands of thoughts we have everyday.
  • The yellow brick road effect: Writing things down keep you on track when you feel lost and overwhelmed. It gives you a clear sense of direction.
  • You can see the big picture: Writing things down makes you accountable and you feel good with the progress, as you tick off the achievements on the to-do-list.

Write down all your goals and look at it daily for optimal success.

Another thing to consider is what blocks do you have inside you? I usually find when I’m procrastinating or making excuses there is a block inside me. Am I worth it? Do I want to be big? Do I not like change? Am I self-sabotaging myself? Do I really want the outcome? Are old behavioural pattern popping up? These are important questions to ask yourself… immediately when you catch yourself acting in a way that will take you further from achieving success.

With clarity comes change.

Therefore next time you are contemplating either eating dessert or skipping it, you can observe the emotions that come up, instead of being IN the drama. This concept comes from a book I’m currently reading called “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. I’ve been recommending it to pretty much ALL of my patients lately because its THAT good!

Make the next 6 months count… its never too late to make your dreams reality!

Take care

Dr Rena

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