MARCH 1, 2018 BY Dr. Ryan Blouin, DC

A Fundamental Component for a Healthy Pregnancy

An article by Dr. Ryan Blouin, DC

Pregnancy is a gift that most women are fortunate enough to experience in their lifetime. Bringing a child into your world is a very amazing experience, but for many women the pains, aches, issues and complications can seem to make this statement somewhat tough to digest.

When becoming pregnant there are many thoughts running through the expectant mother’ head and knowing what to do and what not to do is usually at the top of the list. Sometimes even, researching and reading can become somewhat daunting.

Should I be exercising a certain way?
Should I start doing specific stretches?
Should I be eating certain foods?
Should I be taking certain supplements?

These are all questions no doubt most mothers face at some point in their pregnancy but one question that is often overlooked is;

What type of care, if any, should I be considering during my pregnancy?

One integral type of care that may be overlooked is NeuroStructural corrective chiropractic care.

Many women have never even heard of chiropractic care making the birth process safer and easier.

Recently, some amazing new findings by Spinal Researchers Dr. Haavik and Dr. Kruger have recently been shared as they found that performing chiropractic adjustments to pregnant women relaxes the pelvic floor muscles at rest! This relaxation effect can help women have more natural deliveries with fewer complications.

Link: https://spinalresearch.com.au/ground-breaking-study-approved-publication-chiropractic-pelvic-floor-control-3

This finding alone confirms that chiropractic care should be in every woman’s arsenal when having a child. Most women have heard about the importance of the pelvic floor muscles but many do not know their function is vital during the birthing process. They are a layer of muscles connecting from the pubic bone at the front to the tailbone at the back.

These muscles must be performing optimally to ensure safe and healthy births. Being able to efficiently relax the pelvic floor helps the baby get into the proper position and the ability to contract is crucial during the active phase of the delivery process.

At Active Care Chiropractic, we focus on NeuroStructural Corrective Care. When the structures that encompass the spine and pelvis have shifted throughout a person’s life, having a child can be tougher. Proper structural alignment, neurological function and proper joint motion is key to ensuring a natural and safe birthing process.

During the pregnancy, a mother will undergo two types of changes in her body; 1) hormonal and 2) Structural.  Progesterone and Estrogen are two of the more important hormones that will affect pregnancy but there are many of others that serve roles throughout the process.

Progesterone works to decrease the tone of the expectant mother’s blood vessels and organ muscles, to give way for the growing fetus. Progesterone also works with estrogen to increase the development of the breasts to accommodate nursing after birth. Estrogen will affect the connective tissues thus changing joint mobility. It also affects the function of the mother’s uterus and aids in regulating the growth of the fetus.

In a paper written by researcher Dr. Joan Fallon entitled, “The Effect of Chiropractic Treatment on Pregnancy and Labor”, it was noted that women who had been under chiropractic care for the duration of their pregnancy showed decreased labor times. First time mothers showed a 24% reduction in labor time and a 39% reduction was observed for women who had previously given birth!

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